10 Tips For Winter Hair

It's proved that winter does bring you frizzy hair and a dry scalp. But don't take a pause and let the winter handle your hair; it must be you who should have the potential and strength to overcome the winter with your lovely natural hair. So, to gain that courage, go through our tips on how to handle your hair during winter?

10 Tips For Winter Hair

1. Oiling Your Hair Regularly

Applying Oil

During these winter months, try giving extra care to your hair. The primary consideration you can provide to hair is oiling it with hair oils. Massage your hair with natural oils twice a week. This will strengthen your hair follicles and keep your scalp moist. It also nourishes the hair roots and boosts your blood circulation. 
Natural oils can be Coconut, Argan, Almond, Sesame and Brahmi oils. 

2. Reduce Washing Your Hair 

Hair Washing

Hair has the property of segregating natural oil from the scalp, which helps the hair be moisturized and protected. Continuous hair washing will remove the natural oils and make the hair dry. So, in cold weather, try to wash your hair regularly. Another best idea would be using dry shampoo. It opens the hair shaft and brings the moist back with less frizz. It also helps in keeping you refreshed.

3. Conditioning Once A Week

Conditioner on Hair

The most effective care that you can give to your hair is conditioning. To have healthy hair, avoid using hot styling tools. Winter will swallow all your moisture and keep you dehydrated. To escape from that, use a leave-in conditioner or deep conditioners, which will keep you hydrated and protect your scalp from dryness. Deep conditioning treatment also helps prevent hair breakage and get rid of damaged hair.

4. Hair Mask Once In A Week Is Never A Bad Idea

Hair Mask

We give importance to the face; we should also grant to our hair. An essential thing you can do is apply a hair mask once a week. Hair masks are keys to getting healthy hair and shiny. It keeps your hair smooth, soft and hydrated. 30 minutes in a week for hair masking won't be a deal. It's worth it as its result. The hair mask is packed with many benefits and keeps you away from winter dryness.

5. Limit Your Use Of Hot Styling Products During Winter

Heat Styling Tools

Try avoiding the continuous use of hairdryers and hair straighteners during cold months. Steaming your hair might be a good thing but avoid the use of flat irons. If you are particular about using blow dryers, put your blow dryer in a relaxed setting. Or allow your hair to dry naturally. The hair products suck the moisture from your scalp, causing dryness. Due to the dryness, there might be an increase in hair breakage and brittle hair. Give a break to your styling products and explore new styles such as twists, braids or buns.

6. Regular Trims During Colder Months

Hair Trim

The hair becomes weak or unprotected during the winter, leading to breakage and split ends. Trim your ends to keep your hair healthy. If you keep your hair with split ends, it will observe a lot of energy to gain strength again.

7. Try The Silk Scarves And Knitted Hats

Silk Scarf

During the season, it's not a bad idea to wear winter hats or silk scarves around your ears and hair. This will help you out from being cold and keep the hair in shape and not break the curls. In the beginning, you might feel a bit odd, but after a few times trying it off. You will find good results. It helps to protect your hair from friction.

8. Avoid Going Out With Wet Hair

Wet Hair

Wet hair will become more fragile to break easily than dry hair. They can be damaged and even cause hair to freeze and break. Dry your hair naturally by taking extra time or blow-drying before going out. Wet hair can also observe dirt faster than dry hair.

9. Get A Humidifier In The Winter Season


Due to the sudden climate change, your hair doesn't adapt that fast to the change. To fight dry hair during winter, the best that you can do to hair is buy a humidifier. The indoor heating pulls out the moisture and keep the room warm. But this would make the hair dry and look dull. If you have a humidifier, it helps hydrate and keeps the locks looking lustrous. It helps balance the moisture level and keeps your hair soft, shiny and healthy.

10. Be Hydrated And Follow A Proper Diet

Girl Drinking Water

Generally, we don't feel thirsty during the cool seasons and don't drink water properly. But that is not good for your health and your hair. To be honest, a single hair strand is made up of 25% water. Drinking water or hydration helps to energize and boost your hair from root to tip. It also improves the scalp's health and prevents dryness, itchy scalp and dandruff. Stay away from split ends and flaky scalp by drinking plenty of water. Your hair will look shiny and bouncy if you keep your hair hydrated.

Try following these tips during winter to have the best and lovely hair. Being very cold, avoiding a hot shower and using mild temperature or warm water would be wise. Enjoy the cold weather happily with your shiny and fluffy hair. These hair care routine tips fit any hair type and hair texture. 

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