Types Of Hair: Choose Your Actual Hair Type

Raw Hair

Raw hair is hair that has never been altered by steam or chemical processed in any way. It is 100% Unprocessed Single Donor Human Hair, which means that it has not been permed or steam treated to alter its natural state.

Equally, raw hair is the most authentic hair on the market today, as it is 100% natural hair collected from a real human being. Raw hair has become a popular choice for many buyers because it acts just like your own natural hair and it blends well with all hair types.

In addition, raw hair only comes in the textures of curly, wavy, and straight. There is no such thing as a deep wave, kinky curly, body wave, etc. when dealing with raw hair. You only find those textures when dealing with virgin hair.

What makes raw hair different from others

There are many reasons raw hair stands out among any other hair. Not just because it is the highest quality of hair in the market, but raw hair has many qualities other hair doesn’t. Let’s take a look at these qualities, shall we?

  1. Raw hair comes with all its cuticles intact, which are naturally aligned in one direction to prevent it from matting and tangling. Also, every bundle of raw hair is unique because each hair from a donor has a distinct natural hair pattern. Therefore, no raw hair is the same.
  1. Raw hair texture is the best. They are usually natural in texture when compared to other hair types like virgin hair. Clearly, some hair vendors sell silky hair as raw hair to their unsuspecting customers in the name of authentic hair. You should be wary when your raw hair comes so silky sis.
  1. A good advantage of coarse hair is that, if you’re into curls- it does hold a curl for at least 4 weeks without you having to re-curl it. While silky virgin hair doesn’t last with curls, max hold for a curl is around 2 days.
  1. Raw hair is usually Single drawn and does not have all the hair of same length from root to tip due to the fact that it is provided in its natural state as it is taken from the donor. Double Drawn hairs involves an additional process it undergoes during sorting. This process allows shorter hair to be removed by hand and not by a machine. Therefore, making the hair full and thick from top to bottom.
  1. Another benefit of raw hair is that it takes to bleaching or coloring than most other hair types. Although we advise you to use a professional and good quality coloring materials. Since it is hair from another human being, it must be treated with the exact amount of care.
  1. Also, other hair types could get burned or matted easily during bleaching or coloring. This is because the hair has previously been chemically treated so adding more chemicals just damages the cuticles of the hair.
  1. Above all, raw hair lasts longer than other hair types. It could last anywhere between 3 to 5 years, whilst other hair would have a life span of around 6 months to 2 years.
  1. There is a reason why raw hair is the most expensive hair type on the market today because it has a lot more benefits than other hair types. When you buy raw hair, you are paying for more quality. Most other hair types come as a cheaper alternative to it.

Virgin Hair

I Know by now you are probably thinking “what is Virgin Hair and how is RAW Hair different from Virgin hair?”

we are about to go hard on the differences between these two types of hair. There has been a false aged long narrative regarding raw hair and virgin hair on the market today. These terms have been used by some hair vendors incorrectly in the labelling of their hair extensions in order to sell any hair to their unsuspecting customers.

In Reality Virgin is the term that is used to refer the Pure and Natural state of the Hair and nothing else. Authentic virgin Remy hair is the RAW Hair. Take note that, virgin hair is sometimes called Virgin Remy hair. REMY refers to the cuticle alignment of the hair and nothing else. We will see more about what the REMY hair is later.

Like RAW Hair Virgin Hair should also last longer than any other type of hair. Virgin hair is 100% pure, and it should not be processed, which means that it should not have blow-dried, steam handled, permed, curled, color-treated, or gone through any chemical processing

The followings are the requirements for the manufacturer of a 100% virgin hair:

  1. No Chemical or Mechanical processing or manipulation (not even steam Permed);
  2. A single donor and
  3. The cuticles of every strands are 100% aligned.

But Now a day’s, many international suppliers are selling Non-Remy hair that has been acid-washed, steam permed to different textures and blended with synthetic hairs and call them as REMY hair and Virgin Hair to make money, which has totally made people to misunderstand or believe that Virgin Hair or the REMY hair means cheap processed hair.

We call this fake virgin hair or Processed Non-REMY hair—it’s cheaper because it’s lower quality. When you buy it, you’re buying the equivalent of a knockoff purse because its damaged with chemicals or over-processed and will never last longer.

PS: All Raw hair is REMY & VIRGIN Hair. But the hair that is sold in market today either labelled as Virgin or REMY are not Virgin Remy Hairs.

Steam Processed Hair

Steam processed NON-REMY hair oftentimes is called virgin hair, even Remy hair and other names some vendors find it fit to call it to hide the fact that its NON-REMY Hair. Most times these hair types are even paraded by some vendors as authentic and as the highest hair grade.

What is steam processed hair?

Steam processing refers to using vapor to create a consistent curl pattern in hair, usually, no chemicals are used. The essence of steaming hair is to achieve the same curls or patterns in hair from its root to tip. Steam processing uses filtered water to create steam and heat to open the cuticle and make the hair more impressionable and easier to style. The hair is steamed to give it a perfect texture.

It should interest you to know that most curly and wavy hair textures are steamed Processed with chemicals to achieve its curls pattern lasts longer. Most curly hair extensions like body wave, loose wave and the market labels like, Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian hair are all steam processed with chemicals to achieve a particular hair pattern last longer. However, only the authentic REMY & VIRGIN has to be unprocessed hair and not altered to create a particular pattern.

Steam Processed Virgin Hair

Hair that is Steam Processed into various artificial textures with chemical that has be acid washed and damaged cannot be called as Virgin Hair or a real REMY Hair. Even if a real Virgin REMY Hair is steam permed without chemical to alter the texture, you can no longer call it a virgin hair. You can call it a virgin hair that’s steam permed or Processed Virgin Hair.

Does steamed hair last?

You might want to know whether this hair texture and pattern last forever after been steamed. The truth is the texture will be lost with washes with any Virgin hair as the hair tries to get back to its natural texture as its cuticle is still intact and the cuticles are aligned. Steam processing a Virgin hair can be done only to style or alter the hair texture for a short period of time.

On the other hand, Non-REMY hairs have their cuticle stripped off, coated with silicon and treated with chemicals to change the curl patter permanently, this hair is often referred to as still being VIRGIN Hair and REMY Hair and is sold in market by many vendors hiding the truth just to make money. This process is much different from simple steam processing. To hold the texture of the ‘Steam Perm’ hair, you must apply chemicals to the hair to soften the structure of the hair, strip off the cuticles. The hair is over processed and chemically damaged. So, think before you spend your money on it.

Does steaming hair without chemicals damage the hair?

Although steam processing Virgin hair doesn’t alter the hair pattern permanently it can still alter the hair cuticle and impacts the hair strengths making it to break down. It can further make the hair strands not align in the same direction. That’s why it is not advisable to steam perm the Raw Hair/Virgin Hair often.

What is Cuticle?

It is the outermost part of the hair that is formed from dead cells overlapping in layers. It protects the medulla and the cortex.

The cuticle helps in keeping the hair moisturized and makes it glow and look healthy. 

For your hair to become 100% virgin, the hair manufacturing needs to check that the cuticles are aligned and intact. But because no-one is forcing producers for the quality, shops often sell fake hair.

Stages that decide the quality of the hair extensions are:

  1. How the hair mixes and the way it pairs to make wefts;
  2. Sanitization and elimination of impurities in the hair; 
  3. Removal of nits (without chemicals);
  4. The collecting of strands out of the hair donor; and
  5. Fabrication and the process used to sew the weft.

When buying hair, these questions should be asked to your Hair manufacturer, failure to respond, and to give a guarantee to its quality means that it is a shame.

Remy Hair

Many people today become confused when dealing with Remy hair and virgin hair, as it’s often mentioned as ‘100% virgin Remy hair’.

We have discussed everything about Virgin Hair lets focus on what’s real REMY hair.

The Term REMY refer to the hair that has its cuticle intact and cuticle aligned. The hair that doesn’t have cuticle intact or if the bundle doesn’t have 100% hairs aligned from root to tip in the same direction they are called Non-REMY.

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the outermost layer of the hair, known as cuticles, are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process also ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and relatively tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

The hair will tangle and mat if the cuticle alignment is not right. Thus, the cuticle alignment plays a vital role. It is a shield to the hair. The cuticle to the hair is similar to skin to the body; it retains moisture and glows. 

Remy hair is premium excellent, 100% human hair, which may last for long. If you stick to the instructions that come with the package, the Remy hair may look new even after months of its use, and you can enjoy the 100% virgin hair.

It is possible to dye high-quality Remy hair professionally if you decide to.

If you’d like your hair to have a choice of various colors, not see them tangle or mat, and want the extensions to last long, then Remy hair is the best way to go as it has a natural appearance.

Non-REMY Hair

Non-REMY hair is not cuticle aligned so they tangle easily as when the hair cuticle rubs with each other. Most hairs called as REMY hairs in the market today that are available cheap are Non-REMY hairs, in order make it look like a real Remy hair the vendors strip off the cuticles of the hair and Silicone is put as an artificial cuticle once the natural cuticle is removed. The hair will look silky and shiny and looks damn good when you buy it. If silicone is washed off or ruined after a few washes, it is clear that the hair is non-Remy. That’s when you will see the hair starts tangling and shedding again and that’s when you realize you have wasted your money on a cheap hair.

Buyers should be aware of all these while purchasing because since nobody is regulating the business, there are situations in which some producers will indicate hair that doesn’t have any cuticle or hair which has been blended with artificial hair. 

 Be aware of what you buy and why it’s cheap and what you are paying for, just don’t go by the name. Infact the hair that is sold with names like Brazilian hair , Peruvian hair, Malaysian Hair, Mongolian hair etc. etc..,, are all Non-Remy hair named differently to hide the fact that they are Non-REMY that are chemically treated.

Where is the best virgin hair from?

Hair from India is usually fine, silky, and wavy. Hair from Southeast Asia is thicker and straighter. No matter which texture you prefer, make sure the company is selling authentic virgin hair.

What is Brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair is very popular, and many companies are selling Brazilian virgin hair. Yet there is no hair-collecting culture in Brazil. Brazilian manufacturers actually import large quantities of Non-Remy hair from India, process it, and export it as high-grade Brazilian hair. None of the hair actually comes from Brazilian women.

What is Malaysian hair?

Malaysian hair is either Indian or Chinese Non-Remy human hair that has been acid-washed and coated with silicone. This hair does not come from Malaysian women.

What is Peruvian hair?

Peruvian hair is either Indian or Chinese Non-Remy hair that has been acid-washed, coated with silicone, and labeled Peruvian hair. Peru does not have a hair-collecting culture.

What is Mongolian hair?

Mongolian hair can only be purchased from China. It’s Indian or Chinese Non-Remy hair that has been acid washed, coated with silicone, and labeled Mongolian hair.

What is Russian hair or Russian Federation hair?

  • If the Russian hair is a natural color and priced below $100 per 18-inch piece, then the hair is actually Indian Non-Remy Hair.
  • If the Russian hair is a lighter shade, then it’s Indian Remy hair that has been bleached or dyed to replicate Caucasian hair. While there is some virgin hair collected in Russia, the supply is very limited.

What is Cambodian hair?

Authentic virgin Cambodian hair exists, but it’s very rare and expensive. Cambodian hair is thicker and darker than Indian hair and usually has a slight wave. Like Indian hair, it has split ends. If you purchase the hair directly from Cambodia, expect to pay no less than $150 for an 18-inch piece. If you pay cheaper retail prices, you are not purchasing authentic virgin Cambodian hair.

How to find out ‘Fake Remy Hair’?

Followings are simple ways to identify fake Remy hair:

  1. The first and easy method to check if you purchased the real Remy hair with the cuticle intact is to dip your hands in water and then run it down the hair. It ought to feel very smooth. 
  2. Do the same thing again, but this time, heading upward, and now you should feel rough, and this is what you desire. If it feels smooth while you run your hand downwards and upwards, then it means that the cuticles have been removed.
  3. The next way is through your allergic reaction of the body. The providers may have used insecticides to wash the hair for removing nits and may also have used sticky dissolvent. If, after installation of your hair, itching or anything uneasy feeling persists, then this is an indication that insecticides were used.

Both the dissolvent and insecticides harm the hair cuticles, and such methods are not used in virgin or Remy hair.

‘100%’ Human Hair

As the name itself explains, this is hair that’s 100% human, which hasn’t been blended with any artificial fibers or heat resistant fibers. But unlike the remy hair, a human hair is stripped of its cuticle chemically. This is done so that it can be processed in the machine.

What happens as a result of it? 

The cuticles are an essential portion of the hair, and draining away might cause you many difficulties like brittleness, tangling, matting, and dryness.

Thus, the providers replace cuticles with silicone, which washes off quickly, and eventually, you are left with hair that does not have any cuticles. These extensions may often tangle and certainly will look terrible.

A human hair of high quality will last for long, even if its artificially colored or treated. But, it is not likely to survive as long as Remy hair. Be careful if it’s low quality.

Smart and tricky manufacturers dilute the hair with synthetics to lessen the purchase price.

Thus, it’s essential to ensure that you carefully inspect the type and quality of hair you purchase.

‘Cheap’ Human Hair

It isn’t 100% human hair, and such hair lacks the ‘100 %’ label. The supplier will mix hair of superior quality, heat resistant, or other artificial fibers.

Human hair will be present in it, but not that much.

Be cautious with this kind. You will be able to curl and sew these extensions with hot irons but cannot dye or color.

This type of hair is good for nothing except for its cheaper cost. These human hair extensions are incredibly affordable, but they won’t last even a few weeks. 

Synthetic Hair

This can be called as ‘Heat Resistant Hair.’ It is possible to use curling irons or flat irons to a certain level on these extensions. 

It’ll resemble human hair as far as it can, but it isn’t. This hair won’t last, and it is not a wise purchasing decision unless it is a one-time thing for festivals or functions.

As it is artificial hair, it’s never going to seem like real hair.

It is possible to attempt to design heat resistant artificial hair and utilize flat or curling irons, however, the consequences aren’t as great.

If you are a person looking for good quality extensions that look natural and want it to last longer, then this is not the right choice.

Buyers should choose the hair according to their needs. The hair that suits your needs the most should be opted for.

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