How to Find Your Face Shape and Choose the Right Hairstyles

All people differ from one other, not only by the body but also by the face. Though every facial feature changes, such as eyes, nose, and mouth, the shape of the whole face also changes. We come across a person having a wider forehead and narrow chin and suddenly encounter a person with a narrow forehead and strong jawlines.  Thus, we find different people with different facial shapes such as oval, square, heart, diamond, or round. When it matters explicitly to women, they start to think about which kind of hairstyle might suit their face shape. Sometimes they just blindly follow the celebrity hairstyle from movies, not even thinking if that would suit them. 

Different face shapes

To look beautiful and perfect, shape matters a lot. And you would have raised a question like, "What is my face shape?" Try to confirm the shape of your face and then check out the hairstyles accordingly. Please go through our article to find out your face's shapes and perfect hairstyle to avoid confusion.

1. To start with, when you look at yourself in a mirror. Try to notice the face shape by looking at the

Girl looking at Mirror
  • Head shape,
  • Hairline,
  • Eyebrow shape,
  • Width and length of your face,
  • Jawline also. 

2. Secondly, to know the exact shape of your face,

Figure out face shape

  • Pull your hair back and put on a rubber band.
  • Take an eyeliner or a pencil; try tracing your face outline on the mirror as you see.
  • You will find your ideal face shape to be an oval-shaped face, round face, square face, heart-shaped face, long face, or diamond-shaped face.

Once confirmed with your shape, check on the hairstyles that fit your face. Let's go one by one. The key factors determining the face's shape are the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. 

1. Oval Shape face hairstyles:

Oval shape face

The oval face shape would have a longer length and shorter width than usual faces. You can figure out the forehead would be more comprehensive than the jawline, and thus the jawline of the face would be slightly narrower than the hairline. This shape of the face is the most wanted shape among girls. 

The best hairstyles that suit oval face would be:

  • Shoulder-length waves,
  • Long layers,
  • Loose curls,
  • Full fringe, 
  • Layered bob,
  • Blunt bob over the shoulder.
  • You can also go for long, side-swept bangs or sleeky hairstyles. 

You can avoid a few hairstyles, such as a one-long hairstyle and heavy bangs. 

2. Square-shaped face hairstyles:

Square shape face

The forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines will carry the same length with sharp angles. They have equal length and width with a firm angled jaw. The square-shaped face would have a minimal curve at the chin. 

For the square shape, the best hairstyle would be:

  • soft side-swept bangs,
  • wavy shags with wispy fringe,
  • straight hair with long layers, or short,
  • subtle bangs that touch your cheeks.  

Some of the hairstyles that you can avoid are wide curls, thick and blunt bangs, or slick back looks. 

3. Round shaped face hairstyles:

Round shaped face

The face shape holds the length and width in equal measure. They can also be called babyfaces. in Round faces, the cheeks are flatter and stands as the widest part of the face. They are very similar to a square face shape with softer angles. 

Hairstyles for this kind of face shape are:

  • Long straight hair.
  • Wavy long voluminous hair.
  • High ponytail.
  • Deep side part.
  • Textured lob.
  • A pixie cut with volume at the top. 

Because the face feature visually lengthens the face, shaggy bobs and swoopy bangs with cropped sides would also make it look great. 

Wide curls or soft, wispy bangs don't suit the round face. 

4. Heart-shaped face hairstyles:

Heart shaped face 

The heart-shaped faces have a pointed-out chin, a broader forehead, and the chin will be thinner or slimmer. Thus, it can look like an inverted triangle or triangle face shape. 

The best hairstyles that suit heart shape are:

  • blunt bangs,
  • wavy layers,
  • shoulder-length lobs, or Chin-length bobs—soft angles in the front to balance the longer forehead.  

The best haircuts for heart-shaped faces are wispy fringe or long wispy lobs. 

Hairstyles that can be avoided are short baby bangs or the middle part. 

5. Oblong face shape or Rectangular face:

Rectangle shaped face

The forehead, jawline, and cheeks are the same width, whereas the length from forehead to the chin is long. 

The hairstyles like long layers, volume and side-swept fringes, feathered fringes, or extra soft layers in the sides add up the movement and hair texture. Hairstyles similar to square faces can also fit the oblong face. 

6. Diamond face hairstyles:

Diamond shaped face

The diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and a thin chin and is of the same width. The cheekbones will be the widest part of the face. 

The hairstyle that suits diamond shape is:

  • short, textured lobs,
  • sleek high ponytail,
  • straight bangs with a middle part, or short-cropped hair. Extra bands add up if you keep the hair long with face-framing layers. 

Hairstyles that can be avoided are heavy rounded bangs or straight across charges because your face has a narrow chin. These hairstyles don't look much enjoyable as they make your face small. 

The shape of your face matters a lot when it comes to hairstyles. So, determine your face shape before choosing the hairstyle. You can also look like a celebrity when you have the right choice. 

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