Raw Indian Hair - Everything You Need To Know

Hair plays an important role in one's look. It adds to the beauty and makes a person look young and gorgeous. Sadly, not all are blessed with naturally thick and healthy hair. It is here where hair extensions play a vital role in fulfilling one's dream of having long, healthy and thick hair.

There are a wide range of hair extensions that are available in the market. One can make the selection of hair extensions according to their hair requirement. Above all, selecting the right hair type is most important when it comes to buying hair extensions. 

Selecting the right type of hair can be cost-efficient and last you for years. Raw hair and virgin hair are the most popular and best hair extensions of this time. They give you a natural look and last you for years if taken good care of.  

What Does Raw Hair Mean?

The definition of the term is already in its name. 'RAW' - meaning that it has not undergone any process or treatment. It is raw that it has not even undergone a stream process. Raw hair is the pure form of human hair without heat treating it, color treating it or bleaching it. It is 100% natural human hair.

What makes raw hair more special is that it has its cuticles attached to it. Since the hair is raw and hasn't undergone any treatment that strips off the cuticles, the hair has its cuticles attached to it, making it convenient to treat the raw hair extension as one's real human hair.

Please don't get confused that raw hair is from a single donor hair. The name 'raw' simply means that the hair is not treated in any way. However, it could have been collected from a single donor or multi-donor. Hair extensions are available with single donor raw hair or Multi donor raw hair. Single donor hair is the best. So, while buying your hair extension, don't forget to ask or read the product description to find out whether the hair is single donor hair or multi-donor. Our hair extensions are fully made using single donor hair.

Raw hair is usually available in two styles - straight hair and natural waves. If you want more wavy or curly hair, you will get it as virgin hair. Raw hair is available as Raw Indian Hair, Raw Vietnamese Hair and Raw Cambodian Hair.

What Is Raw Indian Hair?

As mentioned earlier, raw hair means that it is not processed in any way, and it is 100% natural human hair extension. Raw Indian hair means that the hair extension is made with Indian hair. The Indian hair donated in the temple is collected and made into a 100% Raw Indian hair extension without processing it and only by deep sanitizing it. 

What Is So Special About Raw Indian Hair?

Donating hair to the god is a practice being followed by Indian Hindus for a very long period. The reason for such donations varies from person to person. Some donate hair to say thanks to the Lord for what they have got, some donate to get rid of their sin, and some donate out of love and devotion towards the Lord (God).

Shaving the head of a child who has turned one year old and shaving the head of a family member once one of the family members dies is common in Hindu tradition. It is believed that since the hair is donated to the Lord out of gratitude and love, it doesn't carry any negative energy. 

What makes the Indian hair special compared to any other hair is the food habitat of the Indians and the varied climate that is present in India. The food habitats of Indians are varied and healthy. Moreover, since India has three seasons, an Indian human hair has the capacity to face all harsh conditions without causing damage to the hair.

Indians still use natural products and ingredients to take care of their hair. Since bleaching or coloring is something that Indians still don't want to do, their hair is not damaged like the hairs from other places. This makes the hair more healthy, durable and long-lasting. 

Indian hair gives a wide variety of hair types since India has a diverse culture and food habits and varying climates in each region. The Indian hair texture varies from each person who is donating the hair, making it best suitable for almost every person having varied hair textures, who prefer dark brown or black color hair. Indian hair texture is one of the most preferred hair types for African American women. 

How Long Does Raw Indian Hair Last?

Indian hair lasts for a very long period compared to any other hair. This is because of the food habit, varying climate the hair undergoes, and the natural way of handling the hair. Since Indians prefer dark hair and don't prefer blonde hair that much, they don't bleach or color their hair that much. A hair that is not stripped of its natural essence will last for a longer period than any other hair damaged due to unhealthy hair habitat.

The people who donate hair in the temples are usually still old traditional-minded people. These people usually don't have an interest in coloring the hair or bleaching it, or heat treating it and are rather happy with what they have. Any person who bleaches their hair will usually be a person of the present generation who might think that donating hair in temples is old-fashioned. Thus, such bleached and damaged hair won't be donated in temples. Rather, it will be cut off in the barbershops.

Our Remy and Virgin hair is purely from Indian temples, guaranteeing that our hairs are healthy and not damaged due to any hair treatments done by the donor. This ensures that our hair extensions are healthier which last for years if taken good care of.

How To Maintain Raw Indian Hair?

Being said that raw Indian hair is one of the best hairs and lasts longer than any other hair, it is essential to take good care of such hair as it is not cheap. As one might know, nothing of good quality comes for a cheaper price. Thus, it is very important to maintain these Raw Indian hair extensions with great care, like the way you maintain your real hair. Here are some tips on how to take care of raw Indian hair. 

  1. Co-Wash Your Hair - Co-wash is a process of washing the hair with only a Conditioner. Since most shampoos have sulfate in them and are harsh on the hair, it is always best to wash your hair with a mild conditioner. Before installing your hair extension, always co-wash it. Avoid shampooing your hair unless the hair is having excessive dirt or product buildup.
  2. Conditioning - Conditioning the hair is very important as it helps in keeping your hair soft, smooth and moisturized. After washing the hair, condition it with a moisturizing conditioner so that the hair doesn't get dry. Always make sure that your hair products are sulfate-free.
  3. Detangling - Detangling the hair frequently is important. Use your fingers to run it through your hair and detangle your hair tangles. Avoid using a comb unless it is necessary. Always use a wide-toothed comb to comb your raw hair. Detangling your hair before and after you wash it and before you go to bed can prevent your hair from getting tangled and hair breakage.
  4. Satin Cloth - While going to bed, cover your hair with a satin cloth. You can also use a satin pillowcase while sleeping to avoid your hair from getting into friction.
  5. Hairstyling - Heat styling is something that almost all women love to do. However, heat is the worst enemy to your hair. Since the hair extensions have no way to get nutrition like your normal hair gets, using heat will strip away the cuticles from the hair and cause serious damage. Air dry your hair. If necessary, use a hairdryer only with cold air. Use natural ways to style your hair and avoid heat curlers. Here are some tips on how to get long-lasting natural curls.
  6. Coloring - Avoid coloring your hair often to keep your hair extension's cuticles intact. Hair cuticles are very important in protecting your hair. Thus, coloring your hair often strips away the hair cuticles causing hair damage.
  7. Keep It Tied - To avoid your hair getting tangled, always keep it tied. While traveling, keep your hair tied in a hair bun or ponytail. Once you reach the destination, you can untie the hair bun and enjoy your hairstyle.