Saying that everything has changed over the past few months might be an understatement.

I truly hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. I wanted to reach out and say that I’m grateful for you. I know we’re strong enough to weather this storm together. Remember to wash your hands and stay at home. Keep in touch with your friends and loved ones. 


Due to unexpected extended factory closures back in Indian due to COVID-19 has caused ongoing delays for our product manufacturing and delays in International shipping.

This has caused a back order situation that we are working tirelessly with limiter workers actively working in our Factory. Your order will need us 7-10 business days to get shipped. When your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email confirmation.

Shipping & Delivery

At this time we are unable to process daily shipping, we are only able to ship out 1-2x per week, so we’re batch shipping mostly on Friday.

Even USPS  is experiencing delays beyond our control.
Due to these delays, please do not book any hair appointments until you have your order in your hands. 

We have no control over shipping delivery times. 

Returns & Exchanges
With delays with postal services and to uphold the integrity of our products, we have temporarily updated our Returns & exchanges policy.

Please also read our updated Returns & Exchanges policy that we have in place due to current circumstances.

Once we can ensure everyone’s safety, our original policy will be reinstated.

Your patience and support during this time means the world to me.

And remember – even if you’re alone, you’re not alone, alone. If you don’t have anyone to DM, you can always come hang out with me on Instagram. I meant it when I said we’re in this together. 

Sending some extra love and prayers your way ♥️

Sheela K
Founder & CEO 
Updated July 31, 2020